So . . .

So. Valentine’s Day.

I heard it was also National Single Persons Awareness Day.

How about Married But Might as Well Be Single Day.

Or Married But What You Gonna Do About It? Day.

Or Married but Only House-Mates Day

Or Married and Put a Nice Valentine in the Work-Truck, but got Nothin’ in Return Day.

OK. I’m through griping.

I made it through the whole day without eating a single piece of candy or chocolate or cookie or cupcake.

So how about that? Stuck to My Food Plan Day. Didn’t get Sidetracked Day! Gave Away My Treats to my Co-Workers Day.

Seriously, sarcasm will get me nowhere.

I need to stop.

But, I could go on. Believe me.

Well, I’ve just got to remember I got here by making choices all by myself. I have lots of other things in life that make me happy. Children. Precious Grandchildren. Friends. A Great Calling. Talents. Many Blessings! A Great Family. Good, Good Parents. A Good Job. Great Neighbors. My Testimony.


Is it Spring yet?