My “craft” piano. The only reason I still need a piano.

Cute little tin display board.

A little mail/card holder with real drawers. I doubt I’ll ever put mail in it.

Love love love the old lace, burlap and lace flowers,
tulle, pearls, gems and shredded rope going on here.

Cloth box with chickenwire holding a flower pot and garden shovel.
Too cute! Too Spring!

Chunky flowers I’m making for Mikelle.

Thought I couldn’t live without this darling wreath!

I admit I’m one sick puppy. But a very happy sick puppy!

3 thoughts on “spring

  1. mikelle pitts

    HOLY! I love all of them! Oh my goodness! Everything is so so so so cute! I am trying to wait until I get the new couch before I decorate! I can’t wait though!!!!! The flowers you are making are so cute! You are amazing!!!!! Love you!!!!!

  2. mikelle pitts

    no i think it is darling! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow! if the roads are open that is….

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