that’s why!

Oh, I’ve got plenty to write today!

We’ve been out of anything edible for so long. I’ve had to make SFFF chocolate pudding, scramble eggs, tuna out of a can, questionably [lots of long white things growing out of them . . .] old yams with cottage cheese — but today I went to the grocery store. To restock.

Oh my WORLD! I was so disgusted with the lack of good fresh produce. Everything was either way over-priced or looked like it needed to be put in the dumpster. Those all had “reduced” signs on them. Reduced to what, I have to ask? Example: cucumbers at .99 a pounds should be pretty good for that price, right? My fingers went through two of them! Hello! Moldy! Soft. Far gone! Why are they still for sale?

Same thing with oranges. They were .69 and they were ‘calling’ them navel oranges. However! What they had were spongy shrunken little orbs that I dared touch for a millisecond before recoiling in horror. Hard! Tell me, how can a hard, shrivelled orange be juicy? Hello, again!

I should have driven the 35 miles to Wal-Mart!

OK, to be totally fair I did get some Wasa crackers and frozen starberries.

But — OK [yet again! I know I say OK a lot!] — another example of “How in the world can they stay in business?”

I looked at the apples. I wanted a couple to hold me over for tonight and tomorrow. Nothing like a crisp apple when I’m starving and don’t want to give into junk food before I think it through. They had, probably, eight kinds of apples. The Honeycrisp looked good. Surprisingly good! They said $1.89 but they also said Granny Smith. I looked all around for a sign for Honeycrisp. Nothing. I asked the produce girl if these were $1.89. “Well that’s what it says!” she said. So I took them to the check-out and they came up at $3.19. I took the checker over to the produce aisle and showed her and told her and she said, “Um no. They are $3.19.” I didn’t want them for that price. Couldn’t find another apple in the store that I wanted!

So, I drove, round-trip, 24 miles to get two Wasa and strawberries.

See, that’s why I shop in Evanston. That’s why I don’t bother with the local grocery store. That’s why I am giddy and ridiculous at WINCO!

And I thought I had run out of things to post!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go mash some strawberries onto my fiber crackers.