two things . . .

I’m so excited! Stephen is on his way right now to FMC. This is his first day of his long-awaited job search. He has two weeks of intensive training and job bidding, with MSHA, first aid, Hazmat, etc. etc. etc. I wish I could remember all there is to this first couple weeks.

And, second, I’m feeling great . . . about everything. Well, most things. I took down Winter and put up Spring. I made two adorable crafts for Mikelle yesterday afternoon after work. [Pictures to follow . . .] I exercised and ate right two days in a row. I’ve been working on my Relief Society lesson and feel good about it. My weight is good: 142.5. Even after four days of off-eating. Off-eating. Interesting description of what we did in Utah last weekend. I could sum it up in six words. Great Harvest! Pumpkin chocolate-chip bread! Four dang [huge 2-inch] slices! I got my kitchen, living room and dining room cleaned, and three batches of clothes done. I feel energized!

So, now, I’m ready to do that all over again!

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