yikes galore

It’s that time of the month and you know what that means! Valentine cookies!. OMgoodness! I unlocked the Home Ec room [also known as the FCS room — Family and Consumer Science] this morning the the smell of sugar cookies with pink frosting wafted over to meet me at the entrance.

When I turned on the light I was totally and completely overwhelmed. All table and cabinet space was covered with over 450 [They made 39 dozen !] 6-inch frosted cookies with little love messages attached. The FCCLA had taken orders last week for “conversation cookies” and they worked on them yesterday so they could be delivered today. Since V Day is on Monday, they didn’t want them sitting around over the weekend because of the sogginess issue, I presume. Not that I’ve ever had a problem with that because a frosted sugar cookie has never had to sit more than a few hours at my house!

[This is only five of twelve pictures/cabinets of cookies. ]

Anyway! I hurried and grabbed my cucumber and green pepper, cut them up and drizzled a little Italian over them to absorb for a bit while I hurried and cleaned up the room. Never have I finished a room so quickly because I had to get out of there — and quick!

Just the smell of them could set off an eating frenzy, the likes of which you’ve never before witnessed!

I know my triggers! And that definitely could have been one if I had stayed in there a minute longer! I still don’t feel totally safe because, after all, I have a key to the room hanging on my belt loop!

[Tracy are you mad at me?]

3 thoughts on “yikes galore

  1. tracy

    mad? Mad because you can’t stop thinking about the piles of sugar cookies?????? Why on earth would I be mad about that? Now that I have seen them, I want them, too!!!

    Love you…enjoy the cucumber!

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