yup yup yup

The last week has been so dang healthy. I even posted on facebook that I had a completely conscious day of eating healthy. I think I supposed for a moment that if I were more accountable to more people it might make me work harder. And it did.

I have discovered such a [good] habit-forming treat! It’s ‘healthy’ and filling and satisfying. I couldn’t find my normal Wasa crackers the other day at our local store [dang, still haven’t gotten to WM yet to get some real groceries] so I bought their Wasa Sourdough . . .

which is delish by itself, but I mean to tell you, with a very thin spread of whipped cream cheese and a dollop of Simply Fruit jam, W.O.W: knock your socks of yum! [Thus the quotation marks around the word healthy! — mostly healthy, perhaps.]

It’s kept me from eating something less healthy and filling and satisfying. So much so that I made the 14 mile trek back to Benedict’s and got another package.

Most of the week I’ve had what I had on hand: tilapia, eggs, oranges, apples, grapefruit, cucumbers, Simple Sensations chicken dogs, frozen strawberries, yogurt, blueberries, and Wasa. Oh, I found some frozen left-over chicken one day that I dipped in mustard. Not your standard delish.

A group of gals from the valley [and beyond] are doing the biggest loser, now that I only have a few pounds to go.

But I’m fine. I don’t want to go below 140 because I simply can’t hold on to it. I can’t maintain that and it becomes a constant struggle. [Um, like it’s not already a constant struggle?] I can work on keeping my exercises going, eating with purpose, and working on some spiritual growth. I could be the biggest gainer!

And since it’s fast Sunday, I want to squeeze every single drop of inspiration out of the day!

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