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So, this is absolutely true. Sometimes I’m temped to just slightly embellish or write a more colorful post than perhaps someone else might write about the same situation if it were up to them to crack out a post day after day. After all, sometimes life is pretty boring. But I swear.

I was listening to KSL on my way to Logan. KSL is my station. I love Doug Wright. Love the Movie show. Love the early morning show with Grant and Amanda. And the new afternoon show, the Browser, often piques my limited attention.

They were talking about why it is so difficult to make a decision in, say, the toothpaste aisle. I mean, a person goes to the store to get toothpaste, leaves the car running because it’s such an easy task and ends up taking half an hour to pick out a brand of tooth decay preventative.

I totally identified. And here’s why: I just had this identical experience. I just lived this same scenario.

I had decided to get a case of toothpaste. All of a sudden everyone is talking about food storage, 72-hour kits, preparedness, etc, again. And right when we all thought we had somehow survived the last downturn the previous two years and, had, perhaps, prematurely, concluded it wasn’t that bad — we all got through it. So when I did a mental inventory of my food storage room, I decided toothpaste was a logical starting place. [Not because I used the entire case we had a couple of years ago, but Mikelle and Stephen often “shop” in my basement . . .]

So I went into Wal-Mart, found my way over to the HBA aisle and started perusing the brands. I started looking for options and picked up a few boxes to compare and look at the additives. I found: Baking Soda, Whitening, Mouth Wash, Totally Complete, Pro Health, Gum Defense, Enamel Strength, Clean Mint, Advance Fresh, Advance Clean. You get the picture.

Add to this the fact that my son-in-law, Logan, checks to see if our toothpaste is recommended by the ADA. So I’ve started checking that, as well. Surprising how many toothpastes are not recommended by the American Dentistry Association!

Suddenly a quick job turned into a marathon.

Iso-Active, Pro-Namel, Sensitive, Vivid Flouride, Anti-Cavity, Wintergreen Ice.

The way KSL explained it is this: When there are so many choices, our brain begins to thinks, and sometimes even concludes, this decision is more important than it actually is. “We confuse the array of options and excess of information with importance, which then leads our brain to conclude that this decision is worth lots of time and attention.”

Thus, the one hour ten minutes to buy a case of toothpaste.

Segue – – – [thanks, Jessica. I’ve always spelled that wrong! And I forgot what a fun word it is!]

That didn’t happen today at Winco when Mikelle and I stopped to get a couple of cases of Simply Fruit jam. We went right in, found the place and put two cases in the cart. We were back to the checkstand in about eight minutes flat.

Then the drama began.

The checker rang us up and I wrote out my check. [Winco doesn’t take credit cards] She asked for ID. I looked at Mikelle with a [overly-used] blank look on my face. I pulled out my work picture identification and she said, “No it has to be a driver’s license.” I looked at the long line behind me, hoping the gal would see the line and say, “OK, just this once. [it’s worked before!] But no, she called over a supervisor. I then pulled out my temple recommend, my social security card for Pete’s Sake! And thirty three credit cards all in my name. I mean, seriously, who else would I be but Dorothy Pitts for crying out loud! I hurried and added, “I’m not sure where my driver’s license is, because I used it when I got picked up the other day for speeding and I haven’t seen it since, but I do know the number and I could tell you that.”

Still no budging! I said I’d go look in the car.


When I came back in someone [SOMEone] finally took pity on me and the twenty five people in line behind me . . .] and let me just tell them my DL number, which I had memorized years ago for just this type of situation. [Oh, you know what?!? I HAD a backup plan. Mikelle usually has her debit card and license with her and she pays and then I just transfer the mooula to her account. It’s not like I hadn’t thought of that before I went into the store card-less!]

Anyway, we did get the jam and we got on our way. Granted we were a teensy bit late for Amy’s shower, but I can now proudly check off one thing on my newly-regenerated food-storage list!

There ya have it. Two shopping experiences. The fast and the furious and the slow and the tedious.

Oh, wait. Stop. They were both slow and tedious. Didn’t have to be!

I’ve got to find that driver’s license!

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  1. Tami

    Funny – ya, not much else to do at 2… except SLEEP! Guess that happens when you are in bed at 8? :) Love you!

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