more, later


Still 141. This after eating out twice in Logan [I had soup both times] and going to Amy’s baby shower on Saturday in Ogden! The spread was fantastic. The itty-bitty finger deserts were so tempting I can’t even tell you! They looked and smelled delightful! Yes, I sniffed them!!!!! Of course I didn’t make it obvious that I was sniffing! I just fanned my hand toward my face several times and breathed in heavily. Then I loaded up on healthy green, yellow and red! Sumptuous!

Thank you, thank you for also having such a beautiful array of fresh veggies and gorgeous fruit to choose from! I hear Mike was the provider of fresh pineapple. It was wonderful. So delightful to see Amy and her darling belly and a bunch of family on both sides. Simply perfect. The conversation was intriguing, and it was so good to catch up. [Moments like that made me miss Mom even more. She was always the center of any gathering.] The decorations were simple to perfection. A cute, cute baby quilt and the matching bumper pad, which mirrored the design on the invites and welcoming sign. Balloons and streamers finished off the effect. Just a charming and creative atmosphere, I must say! Amy received some great gifts that will be put to use in just a few short weeks!

Louise and Diane had just returned from Israel and had pictures and a diary to share. I am fascinated with new testament places and can hardly wait to read the 8-page report of all their adventures.

I had such a good time.

Mikelle and I loaded the entire day with things to do and places to go. We went to two craft stores, had a light lunch at QB, stopped at Winco, and later, back in Logan, I went to the cheese store [more on this later], Michaels, Home Depot for square nails [more on that later ] and then out to dinner with Logan, Mikelle and Easton.

This morning we were going to attend church in their ward, but Easton woke up sicker than ever and I opted to hurry home to go to the one-o’clock Ft. Bridger ward the second time in three weeks. I feel invigorated, refreshed and renewed after a fun weekend. And I feel so blessed.

It’s such a warm, wonderful and comforting feeling.

Back to life as usual . . . [more on that later!]