’til we meet again

This is what I came home to. My poor lone snowman had been beheaded and reassembled wrong. It’s all wrong. [I had to leave one up when I took down Winter and put up Spring because, well, because I live in Wyoming and I know we will have snow until May.]

I called hubby last Saturday when I was in Home Depot. [See, I said I would get back to this] I needed to know what kind of nails I had used in the stars and the carrot nose. For some reason I thought I used the masonry nails with a square or rectangle head. The kind that resembles “pioneer nails.” But Home Depot didn’t have any so I figured I was mistaken and called to make sure. As you can see, it turned out to be upholstery tacks.

I’m telling you it is disconcerting to walk into your home and see such a thing. He must have picked up the hat and the top block and then sat them back down like this. I mean, seriously! Would I take down a gun off the rack and hang it back up by the trigger? No I would not! Would I wear hubby’s boots outside to take the garbage dumpster to the road and then leave his boots askew? Would I use his camera and then leave it out of the case and with a bunch of my craft pics on it? Would I borrow his toilet paper and not replace it? Would I borrow his truck and then not fill it back up with gas? Would I eat his ice cream sandwiches? OK, let’s just stick with the trigger example.

Well, I fixed Mr. Block Snowman but then I decided to put him in a box and move him downstairs for next Winter. It was a semi-emotional moment. Mostly semi.

The other thing I needed at Home Depot was wire. But I really couldn’t remember what it was. There were four people helping me with the nails and one woman associate was trying to help me remember what I had asked her when I first walked in the store. I had said, “Hi, could you help me find some masonry nails and show me where to find heavy black wire, probably about a 12 gauge?” She said “Sure, be glad to.” We spent so much time on the nails that neither of us could remember what the second item was. She started to explain to the other associates there, “I know it has something to do with crafts. I was also thinking it would be down this way in the lumber department.” I said “Wow, my brain just doesn’t function anymore.” She said, “Well, neither does mine because you asked me and now I can’t remember either.” The others started guessing what it might be: Wood? hammer? glue? paint? brushes? Talk about great service! They were actually guessing for me!

Finally, I left without masonry nails or the other thing, but I did remember it was wire just as I was pulling out of the parking lot.

It will have to wait until next time.

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