circle of life . . .

If you know me at all, you know exactly what these pictures mean. And they say much more than just throwing something away. They actually represent a letting go of the past. Accepting that things will never be how I thought they might, and that I will be OK anyway.

I’m fine. Really.

Life moves forward. Life goes on.

7 thoughts on “circle of life . . .

  1. tracy

    Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!! So proud of you for finally throwing that awful purse away! I should never have let you get it from me when I threw it away years ago! What did you replace it with????????

  2. weighingmatters Post author

    I got a little wallet but it’s not really what I want either. I’m still looking. I did look at about five stores the other day! Someday I will own a very fine purse worthy of all I have to put into it.

  3. weighingmatters Post author

    It came with a checkbook, but the checkbook doesn’t fit in the purse so I’m starting over again. I know I’ll find something. I had that black thing for at least 12 years. How pathetic is that?!

  4. mikelle pitts

    Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness!!!! YAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I can’t believe that wretched purse is gone!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!! We will find you the most perfect purse ever!!!!

  5. tracy

    I am thrilled you are eliminating this horrid purse from your life, but I am SO ready for some new thoughts from you…come on…it has been days and days!

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