Amy’s shower

So looking forward to going to Ogden this weekend and attending my niece’s [Amy] baby shower. She is having a little boy [Derek] mid-April and I’m so excited to see lots of family in the Ogden area. Right now I’m kicking myself for not getting the darling blue baby quilt at the SLC Quilted Bear a couple weekends ago when Mikelle, Tracy and I were there. So, so cute. Maybe I could hurry and make a baby seat canopy cover, since I finally know how to make one. I finished Mikelle’s on Monday night. This, after buying fabric last December and not thinking I could figure out how to do it.

Believe it or not . . . these are the exact colors of her baby carrier! Mikelle wanted ties instead of the velcro fasteners. So glad it’s done and I can finally get it to her before her baby is walking and she doesn’t need the carrier any more!

It seems like we’ve had so many boys lately. Wonderful!!!!! So fun and darling. I think there is a huge responsibility to raise faithful, respectful, joyful little boys. I’ve watched little Fisher and he is truly all that!

And then I might be able to stay over night at Easton’s and love on him for a day or two. Mikelle says he is  laughing out loud now, and I so want to hear and see that for myself.

Click here to see an adorable movie of my Easton.

Love this Grommer stuff!

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  1. Mikelle Post author

    Thank you so much mama! We love it! And remember the lady at Wal-Mart who said it was the cutest cover she had ever seen! And she’s seen a lot!

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