gag reflex

I just discovered the perfect way to keep my appetite under control. Just start to get a sore throat. Brush your teeth. Take some grapefruit seed extract in water [instead of the preferred and more tasty pulpy orange juice] and then gargle with tea tree oil.

These three blended flavors are enough to make a person gag.

And it’s been three hours since I did all of that and my stomach is still wretching every single time I think of food.

I boiled some eggs a while ago. Four eggs. I eat one with the yolk, three, just the whites. And every time I look at them I gag. I also cut up a myriad of fresh veggies and marinated them in light Italian for today. They, as well, initiate my gag reflex when I just look at the lidded-bowl. I don’t have to look at the veggies, just the bowl and the thought of mixing another flavor in my overloaded mouth is sickening.

So, I can highly recommend this new regimen to anyone looking to lose a few pounds. [Perfect for me today because I’m up two . . . 143 this morning.]

Hope you know my [numb and puffy] tongue is firmly planted in the check area.