lost and found

Found it!

I woke up at 1:30 this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. Trying to get back into a dream or anything, really, that would lull me back to sandyville wasn’t working so I got up. I’ve always heard that if you lay [or is it lie?] there for more than thirty minutes, you should get up, do something and try again later. [Unfortunately, my ‘later’ is going to be tonight.]

First, I cleaned up my  craft things in the kitchen. I wasn’t getting anywhere on a little project I was trying to finish . .

Something wasn’t coming together. I think it’s the huge knobby-bally things. They might be a tad overwhelming. I don’t know. Maybe I will try another day after I sand the edges of the flowers, flick yellow paint on them so they aren’t quite so stark, and get some wire, stems and flower boxes added. So, I put all of that away.

And I cleaned the kitchen. I took apart the stove and cleaned all of the little crevices. And loaded the dishwasher, and washed the cabinets and scrubbed the sink.

Next I cleaned the basement [aka the computer room, drop-and run-area, main tornado zone.] OK. Not the whole basement. Just the one area that was going to be the family room, pre-flood era. This is the same area I paid Tracy to come and clean a couple of a years ago.

And then I started on my bedroom [also a drop-and-run area] because I might have company tonight so I thought I’d better get that cleaned and change the bedding.

And while I was cleaning the bedroom I came upon a box that had obviously been party to me cleaning out the car in the past month or so. Usually, I just take a laundry basket out and load all the odds and ends in it:  clean out under the seats, the cubbies, the glove compartment and put it all in the basket. And I usually get to it within a few days.  [Once in a great while I empty it the very same day I load it up . . ] But this box had gotten lost in the clutter and was under the suitcase I forgot to take to Logan last week — yes I had to wear Mikelle’s clothes everywhere I went and buy some new undies because I left the suitcase in the bedroom!] Oh my goodness, anyway! [This story is somehow getting away from me!] [No more interruptions!] I dumped out the entire box on the kitchen cabinet and started sorting and putting away it’s contents. [This at three in the morning, mind you] Two Ensigns, a phone book, several bills, a pot-holder, mittens, a wooden spoon, a straw, my library card, two checkbooks an old smoothie glass, and [wait for it . . .] My Driver’s License!


I had sort of given up on ever seeing that again. And it would have been fine. Because, as you might remember, I memorized my number years ago!

And because I’m me, and because I obsessive, I looked up the proper use of lay and lie . . .

The main difference between the two words is that lay is atransitive verb, while lie is an intransitive verb.

Oh, stop it. Get back here and sit down–it’s not that hard.

~You need to lie down today, yesterday you lay down, in the past you have lain down.

~Today, you lay the book on the table. Yesterday, you laid the book on the table. In the past, you have laid the book on the table.

I hope I have laid this all out clearly enough to allow the proper uses of these two words to lie in the back of your mind, where they will be available to you when you need them.

[So, it should be ‘lie’ up there.]