I’ve cleaned and cooked and cooked and cleaned. Having company is hard work! We’ve had spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, blueberry coffee cake, sausage & cheese eggs, enchiladas, and more dishes than you could shake a stick at! I am still right now, washing dishes from this morning. Oh my gosh I finally had to go find the camping stash of paper plates — not exactly the most inviting place settings but a must with eight extra people in this little house! And we’ve played Spades, and Rook and basketball and we lifted, bowled, played PIG and Andie went for an hour run. Then we rented a movie and now we’re all heading back to the high school for more basketball. [Mikelle couldn’t go with us earlier because she was at a baby shower. She wants to strut her stuff. She could shoot baskets all day long!]

Scott organized a game of poker for the guys [even hubby played, if you can believe that since he hasn’t played a game with any of us in years!] They played and bet and laughed and finagled for a couple of hours!

We got the two Cabela’s cots out of the garage, and I bought some foam and another air mattress from WM so that people would have a place to sleep besides my couch.

And guess what tomorrow is! Daylight Savings Time. We have Sacrament Meeting at 9 [ the old 8] and only one bathroom. So, Logan and his brother, Caleb, are going to shower up at the high school. I can’t even tell you how handy that is! The last time we had this many people on a Sunday morning, Tracy’s family was here, too, and it was torturous getting a dozen people showered, dressed, fed, groomed and to church on time. And we took two pews that Sunday.

I’ve had so much fun with Andie and Easton. Truly, grandchildren are the reward for surviving your own children! Andie is adorable! She’s sporting a new haircut with a little more bang and it is shaped around her face. She is growing up so beautifully and is a fine young-woman. I’m so glad she could come this weekend. And Easton. I am so in love with him!

If I could just savor the feelings I have right now and enjoy them [a little at a time] for the rest of my life, I couldn’t be a happier woman. My prayers are a little longer and my heart is a little fuller. I’m feeling thoroughly blessed.

And totally poopered!

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