spring forward

Kind of feels like a new day. Like a Monday. Like a new starting point or something. I don’t know what it is. Something is the air. It might be Spring — a fresh Spring feeling. Or maybe it’s because I just changed dozens of clocks to Daylight Savings Time. All I know is I feel like there is an exciting feeling — an electric feeling — of expectation peeking around the corner.

And it feels great!

I exercised hard on Saturday while the guys were playing basketball and kickball in the gym. I did both uppers and lowers and increased the weight amount for both. I felt it burn and felt the fatigue later in the day. But today, I just feel good! Like I’m energized. My weight is good, even after all that food over the weekend. 142. Really. Not bad! Considering! I had been 140 for several days and 141 for over a week. And this morning I’m fitting comfortably in the Wranglers that I love love love! They actually make me feel 55 instead of 60! Yes, that’s a great feeling.

This morning I’m realizing it is so worth exercising. Some days I just hate it. I hate the thought of dragging my lazy butt to the weight room one more time and doing the same old boring things again. I resent having to do it. But then days like this come along when everything feels so amazingly wonderful, and for a moment, at least, it’s all worth it!

Scott totally motivates me. He looks awesome! He has dropped a cool 20 or so. He is rock solid and thin. He was standing side-ways on the landing yesterday and I could barley see him! He’s that thin! Seriously, I don’t exaggerate, except for the part about barely seeing him.

And, last week at the baby shower so many of my family looked great. I could see that several sisters and two nieces had lost weight and were looking better. I can’t really mention names on here because they are all so public-phobic. [Oh dear. That could have been a disaster because I had pubic there for a while. It got by spell check! Then they really would have been phobic!!!!!]

I’m officially doing a shout out to anyone who has been thinking they were going to start exercising. LET’S DO IT!  Let’s get going with an organized, scheduled, daily, committed, routine of doing something to better our health and wellness. Find a partner. Report to them! Or exercise with them! Or report to me. I miss Camille and me reporting to each other like we did for over two months when we were working to shed some pounds/fat. It kept me thinking about how I was doing and actually made me work harder to reach my goal.

And goals feels great! G.R.E.A.T! Not too many people have actually noticed but every now and then someone says something that makes my day. Most of all, though, it’s how I feel about myself that really counts for me. I feel good. I feel healthy. I feel comfortable. And I feel satisfied.

Come on! You can do it. Let’s get/stay healthy together. I’m always looking for a challenge.

Let’s actually do what they say: Spring forward!

And I’m not talking about the clock!