Oh my goodness. Tracy has asked me to once again clean out the cerebral cobwebs and cholesterol from my skull and come up with a name. This time for the two sides of their leadership group for TJ Ed. Oh my goodness!

She explained it “like one side does this and this and this, and the other side does that and that and that.” I thought I’d better sit up on the couch and pay a little more attention. “It’s sort of like the House and the Senate; each side has different responsibilities but they work together and brainstorm and legislate and lead — you know how that works, but I hate those names. It has to be a name we can be proud of!”

Oh, Mercy Me!

OK. Let’s see.

I thought of Mad Hatters and . . . what  . . .  Jabberwocks? No that won’t work.

I love shoes. The Keens and the Tevas.


More original, please.

She said one group were menters. I thought of women-ters. She choked. Um, no Mom, we can’t use something like that.

Um. Something from the universe? Great thinkers? Inventors? Einsteins and Edisons?

Let’s see — people who organize. Collect the money, keep the records. Reistrar?

The other side runs things. Of course my brain went immediately to cars and trucks and trains. I’m too literal! I thought of Hummers. Engineers. Twin Engine Chesnas. Beemers.

Hey, Hummers and Beemers.

Dear Tracy.
Please stop being so desperate that you have to call me for anything clever or creative. You do realize, don’t you, that if I had anything clever or creative in my brain, I would have written it in a blog by now.

I’ve got nuttin’!