full circle

My dear, good, good, best friend, Becky’s husband passed away last night.

I am so glad I didn’t squelch the prompting to go to U of U hospital yesterday to visit with her. We spent time talking and hugging and crying. We even laughed a few times. I talked to Wayne and told him it was time. I promised him I’d watch out for her.

Becky is so dear to me. She actually stood next to her husband’s bed and comforted me!

I didn’t know I had a best friend until this past week.

I’m overwhelmed for her. Becky has many details to take care of. The funeral. The family. Bills. Paperwork. Insurance. Wayne’s things. The future without him. The eternities with him.

She will be helping all of us as we traverse this same passage in our own lives. She’s the first of anyone my age — any of my friends — to have a spouse die. She’s so young. 50 years young.

My heart aches for her. But I know she has been strengthened through the Lord. I’ve seen strength in her countenance. I’ve heard it in her words. I’ve looked into her eyes and she has an added dimension of understanding of the Atonement and the purpose of life. And the deep love of the Lord.

She knows.

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