I’ve been trying to think of the perfect name for Richard and Tracy. Something that says exactly what Richard is good at. Something that would let the hearer know exactly what he’s all about. Something to let people with autistic or behaviorally challenged kids to know they are, not only safe with Richard, but also in very loving and capable hands. Something to let them know Richard is just about the best and most amazing therapist in the entire world. Just in case he would ever need the perfect name.

In another life I thought of Great Expectations for Tracy’s doula name and was crushed when someone else had it. I actually dreamed about it and woke up in the middle of the night. I thought of Story Station for her iFamiy reading group. I love Small and Simple Things, but her friend Amy used it for her blog.

I thought of the perfect name.

Watchcare; Watchcare, Inc.; Watchcare and Family; Watchcare something! Love that word!

I love it.

Tracy:  not so much!

I thought of the obvious:  Ward Wellness. No. Too far back in the phone book. Everybody knows you need a company that starts with A

I looked around my living room and thought of Family First, and Bloomin’ Wonderful, Whole Point and Simply Put. But those are all crafts. Then I thought of all my favorite things: Orion, the Big Dipper, Moon Sliver, Red, Anything Red. Um, no. [Hey, Anything Red starts with an A!]

Next, I Googled “names of cool blogs” and got hundreds of pieces of advice for naming a company or a blog. Too much information there.

So I went to food. Purple Onion. Something about peeling away layers. No. No. No.

Inspiration, Creation, Perception. All gone.

I’m left to conclude I no longer have any creative juices whatsoever, because that wore me out and I’m plum tuckered.

Hey, something about Plum. Plum Perfect.

6 thoughts on “juices

  1. Tami

    Trac – are you trying to find a name? That’s great! I’ll try to think but Dorothy is WAY more creative than I am… juices or no.

  2. tracy

    The only name I have come up with today is Answers for Autism. Don’t love it, but I am not completely rejecting it yet.

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