coupla kisses

Well. I was wrong. Really, really wrong.

Because I said I would be 148 this morning.

And I’m 147.

How do you like those bananas, mister?

Actually, I bought bananas on Friday, but I haven’t eaten one. Because, Friday was the day I decided to eat healthier. And while a banana is a good thing to eat when you aren’t dieting, it’s pretty much full of [natural] sugar and often makes me crave sweets. So I’m going to prep them and freeze them for smoothies in a couple of weeks. [Peel, spray with a little lemon juice and freeze in a ziploc.]

Yes sir-eee. It never fails to amaze me how even a few pounds can make me feel so much better! [Don’t I sound so much better!?! than this!]

Hubby and I worked out in the yard for four hours yesterday. He mowed and thatched the back while I cleaned the house. I kept smelling the freshly mowed grass, so I headed out about noon. I mowed the front on high, then thatched with the mower down a level to catch all the dead stuff. 27 bag-dumps later, the front lawn looks great! I didn’t thatch last Spring and I could tell, because there was so much stuff in the lawn.

Later, we went to a new restaurant in town — East Side Grill. I had a shrimp salad with lots of water. He had a chili-cheese burger with onion rings and then ordered a bacon-cheese burger for round two. Seriously. And a large Coke. [Wait. Before you faint, let me say we do go out occasionally, even though very rarely! And yes, it was definitely up to me to keep any kind of conversation going. Becky Davidson keeps telling me I need to be nicer and appreciate what I have before it’s too late. I even kissed the guy a couple of times yesterday because he gassed-up both lawn mowers for me and weed-whacked around my front trees!]

[Back to the food plan . . . ] For breakfast I had two hard-boiled eggs [I do love a well-placed hyphen] and an orange. I snacked on strawberries through the day and last night, watching TV, I had a Kashi Pumpkin Almond bar. [Thanks, Logan, for the recommend.]

To die for!

120 calories of y.u.m. I have to take the teensiest bites to make it last for more than a second. And savor it, I do. De lish!

So, here I am at day three. It’s Sunday and I’m ready to eat right one more day. I have snap peas, mushrooms, cukes, red and bell peppers, oranges, apples, strawberries, tilapia, chicken, skim milk, lots of water, yogurt and chia seeds. Lots to choose from! No excuses! Staying focused!

Goal for today: eat right, think right, be right with God, treat myself well, and lose half a pound.

146.5 for Monday morning.

[Two more weeks to my birthday! I’m sure I can lose four pounds in two weeks!]

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