can’t bring myself

Sorry, I just can’t bring myself to write. Too much stuff. Too much food. Too much junk. Too much trauma, drama. Anybody who knows me knows what’s going on.

Between Tracy, the bus/police situation, the calendar committee, my weight, Scott, new phone, Mikelle and Log, the lawn, negotiations, work, Becky, etc., I’m a mess.

And no amount of writing is going to change that, so . . .


I wish I could write about

the blessing
the nice dinner
the sealing
the great weekend at Tracy’s
the Mindy Gledhill concert
the Shakespeare performance
the 8 haircuts
the new game
my new crafts
my new clothes

But I just can’t get there from here.

Sorry, again.

[I know tomorrow will be a new day. I’m counting on it!]

149 today. That’s really sucky!

2 thoughts on “can’t bring myself

  1. tracy

    I’m sorry you are feeling down. I am so, so grateful for your presence in my life. I am grateful to be able to call you and talk about this lump. I hope it is not too much for you.

    Love you!

  2. weighingmatters Post author

    It’s not the lump. It’s all the stress. I’m a stress eater, then I get down on myself. I was at 141 a month a go!!!!!!! And I’m not really feeling down. I’m just feeling a lot! I WANT to talk to you about the lump. Let’s call it Mrs. Lump. Let’s get to know her personally before we put her out to pasture.

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