I had an awesome day yesterday. Sacrament meeting offered a coming and a going missionary. Their testimonies warmed my heart and helped me see where I could improve at sharing the gospel. I had a quiet day and worked on my RS lesson for next week. I went and visited with a new member of our ward who lives nearby. And I went to 12 steps.

It was such a good, good meeting.

I swear. I don’t understand why every single member of the church isn’t going to those meetings every single week. So inspiring. So uplifting. So warm and friendly and informative and spiritual and wonderful! And healing!

And I ate healthy all day long. Yogurt and chia seeds. Tons of seeds! It made the yogurt all light and fluffy like tapioca. Lots of fresh veggies. An apple. And a huge yam smothered in cottage cheese and Salad Supreme. So delish. Oh. Looking at that list, I see I missed protein. I’ll do better today.

What is it that makes me go off on some tangent and eat junk and sugar and chemicals and food coloring for a month? I know it makes me feel crappy about myself but it also just plain makes me feel crappy. I had gas, swollen eyes and legs. It made me bloat and my skin itch. It makes everything about me look and feel ten years older. So WHY do I do it?

I’ve been eating healthy since last Thursday and just five days have made such a difference. Why can’t I seem to remember this. [OK, technically four — but I’m counting today!]

Note to self: It seems like the most important thing I can do for myself, at least physically. Hello! Eat healthy.

Just like clockwork. 146.5 this morning.

I’m determined to keep this up to 142.

[See, no depression, no getting down on myself. No woe is me crap. No, I can’t do it crap. Just all sunshine and optimism this morning! That alone, should make me want to eat healthy for the rest of my life!]