fat happens!


I think I’ve finally got it together. I’ve hit rock bottom a couple times, bounced around and banged myself up a bit, drug myself up and decided to get off this crazy merry-go-round and get my stuff together! I guess 150 will do that to ya!

Together, here I come!

I’ve been eating like crazy for about a month and I’ve got the tummy and thighs to prove it, but I’m ready. I’m doing well today. So far, a spinach chicken dog, fruit smoothie, broccoli salad. And lots of water! I went shopping [had to run to Evanston to get my oil changed and my driver’s license renewed] and got enough good healthy fruit and veggies to last a week. Also grabbed some skim milk, some Kashi bars, yogurt and Wasa.

So, hey, w.o.r.l.d. I’m way up right now, and I’m going to be down to 149 or 148.5 in the morning. That’s a promise. I’m going to be completely mindful this evening and not stress- or bordom-eat. I can do this today. For crying out loud, it’s only, like, five hours. Surely I’m not that pathetic! I can do this!

Wondering why? What changed? Well, I went to ARP last night. That’s the other name for the 12 step thingy. And I read a sign on the way. “Satan gratifies. God satisfies.” Yah, I’ve been realizing how many times I’ve just let everything go and promising myself I’d start over tomorrow, and you know where it’s got me?

Up ten big, ugly, oozing, fat pounds. That’s where!

Had it! And right after I bought myself $400 of new darling, Spring/Summer clothes!

So, I’m taking myself by the reigns, so to speak!

It’s ridiculous that I would work so dang hard and then just let go of everything. So, here we go. I’m not about to get back to where I was before I committed to losing weight ‘by blogging about it.’ I was at 161 then and 176 a couple of years before that when I started going to Weight Watchers. My big old 60th birthday is coming up and by dang, I’m going to be down by then!

I sat next to a gal who was in lots worse shape than I am. Emotionally, Spiritually. Really devastated. And I decided right then and there that I really could do so much more than I am doing. I don’t have to just let fat happen. You know the bumper sticker that says SH!# Happens!!!? Well, I bought into that. I bought the whole dang farm. And I bought that FAT Happens, too. I bought that it just gloms onto my body without my permission and that I really am such a loser and can’t keep weight off. That I can’t succeed!

WHAT THE COW?!!!!! BULLISH CRAP! [For a simple explanation, go here.]

It does happen! But only with my permission.

So, hellOOOO!

Goodbye crappy self-defeating stupid attitude!

[I’ll be up bright and early in the morning reporting on at least a one-pound weight loss!]

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  1. weighingmatters Post author

    Wow. [3 hours later . . .] I admit this is a lot harder than I estimated. I am literally sitting here gritting my teeth closed and reminding myself – about every ten minutes – that I can do this. That I HAVE to do this. It might take a while to get back to being able “sit” with imagined [or real] hunger.

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