happy trails

Scott called and asked if I could go to Pinedale on the first weekend in June to help him with a garage sale and to box up things. He’s really going! He’s heading to Laramie to spend more time with Andie. This is such a huge move! And I’m so happy for both of them. He’s wanted to be closer to her for a long time but has had to weight the circumstances over and over. In Pinedale he has a very good job with 15 years of experience, tenure, and lots of jobs on the side. He’s coached, reffed, taught Hunter/Safety.  He has a home, friends, and Green River Lakes is just a hop and a skip up the road.

Laramie, on the other hand, has Andie.

I’m excited for this new venture and hope it turns out to open doors in lots of areas.

And I’m praying for a miracle. I’ve sure prayed a long, long time for something like this for him.

It seems like this has been “orchestrated” because things have just fallen into place. Looking back over the last year, I have to believe the Lord has had something to do with all the coincidences that have played a part in this move. And maybe Mom has had an influence, too. She seems to be the main guardian angel for my family lately. And it feel so good to know that we’re not alone here — on our own. I love believing that those on the other side can see our comings and goings and doings here and can steer us in a specific direction once in a while.

I love Believing in Believing!

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