so full

I know. It’s been more than a week. But I can explain. First, I weight a ton so I don’t really want to post about anything. Second, I’ve been so dang busy. Not a good excuse since last week I wrote approximately 8 times and was still busy. So, yah, it’s about the weight. I just don’t want to admit — or talk about — that right now.

All I want to talk about, really, is how very full my heart is at the moment. So dang full. What-the-cow full! More full than it’s been in a while full!

It started on Thursday when I drove down to Logan after work. My good friend and coworker, Becky, took over all my responsibilities for setting up and overseeing graduation at work. She is such a giving, wonderful, good friend. She sent her best to Mikelle and Logan and told me in so many words, to not worry for a minute about everything going on back in Lyman during one of the busiest and most visible couple of days of the year.

I stopped in Ogden, per instructions from my sis, Carol, who had just been to Logan the day before at the distribution center with Mikelle to get her temple clothes. It turns out that Carol not only bought temple clothes [which is what I thought she had in mind when she offered a month or so ago] but she also bought the dress and bag!

I arrived in Logan and had a great dinner already prepared: numptious salad and broccoli soup and breadsticks! Numptious! [Do !not! try to tell me that is not a word in the English language!] We talked and reminisced. Friday morning we went to Sam’s for a load-full of food, utensils, plates, and a variety of other things costing an outrageous sum of money. We did some other shopping and then prepared to go to the temple. At 4:30 we were walking through the tall front doors of this beautiful building, on the verge of changing a life forever.

Yes, there were ten thousand tulips on the temple grounds.

Logan sister, Becky, who just had a baby a few weeks ago, took care of Easton and Tracy’s four children so that Tracy and Logan and I could go for Mikelle’s endowments. She cooked dinner for all of them, juggled two babies, and cooked barbecued pulled pork and chicken for the lunch on Saturday! Amazing woman she is. The more I get to know her, the more I recognize uncommon characteristics in her absolutely Christlike life! Amazing is not a big enough word for her!

The endowment itself. Oh my goodness, I can’t find words to describe the perfect peace and joy for those hours. I am so thrilled that Mike and Carol came to be with us. Logan’s mother, Barb was there, as well.

Saturday was the sealing and it was a dream/prayer come true for this mama. There is no greater joy than to see my children fulfill promises made eons ago and to walk uprightly before the Lord. It was truly a fairytale and a magical moment.

I will always remember.

Lots of friends and family attended the luncheon. My three sisters, Eileen, Louise and Diane came. Of course, Mike and Carol and Becca were there. Leonard’s mother and sister attended the sealing and the luncheon. Even our favorite nieces, Camille and Tammer came! So fun to catch up and see so may people. And to appreciate and love and feel! All of my children and grandchildren were here to celebrate this special time. Everyone but Cameron. Even Andie made a special effort to make it. Her mom drove her from Evanston where they were spending Memorial Day weekend with their family.

I will be eternally grateful for all of the people who made this a priority in their lives to come and share time with Logan and Mikelle.

So very full!

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  1. tracy

    What an amazing blessing this weekend was! My heart is overflowing with joy for Mikelle, Log, and Easton…and for all of us. Such a miracle!

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