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or is it my head

How good is good enough? I’m asking. Seriously. How good is good enough? I went to 12-steps last night and a dear friend and amazing person [first time I’ve ever seen her there, but then I just recently missed 7 classes because of my stupid p.r.i.d.e — I’ll teach THEM a lesson and not show […] Read the Rest…



Dear Tami – You are definitely my very favorite niece. Oh, stop. Wait. I’m not sure you are actually my niece. You are so awesome, though. I wish I were more like you!!!!!! And, I have another favorite niece too, so I guess what I’m saying is you are definitely one of my two favorite […] Read the Rest…

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OK, I should just write about this and process it so I can get over it! I MISS going to my 12-Steps. I NEED to go to my 12-Steps. I WANT to go to my 12-Steps [I was making progress . . .] and I can’t seem to make myself go until I get this […] Read the Rest…