What an amazing week. Oh — I think I might be using that word too much. I notice I use it on facebook nearly every single comment and I love saying it how Oprah [and, now Ellen] say it.

a MAY zing!!!!! with lots of high pitches in the middle.

But, it really is the only word that fittingly describes this week.

Here’s a few reasons why

  • I bought an iPad. [I know, I haven’t even registered it yet but I’m going to!!!] The fact that I could even afford one is also a MAY zing! I give all the credit to tithing!
  • I lost four pounds. I finally got the exercise bug again. I feel like I’m getting back to the self I like. And I’m feeling strong and motivated. [I know, I know! I’ve lost the same four pounds thirty-seven times in the last two months but I’m choosing to feel amazing about it at this moment. Seriously, why hasn’t my body just given up on me? And yet, it gives me one more chance a thousand times and more!]
  • Tracy has had some a MAY zing things [miracles, mostly] going on in her life. I am so rejuvenated with the love of the Lord and the knowledge that He is always aware of what we are struggling with. I have born testimony of this to all my co-workers. They didn’t laugh at me. [Read more, here.]
  • I got the upstairs all clean and shiny — including my bedroom.
  • I love the new lawnmower. I can cut the whole front lawn with just one trip back to the corral to empty the grass. It used to take me at least four trips and four emptyings. [yah, that might not be a real word, but it fits!]
  • I got to spend three days with Easton! We played and laughed and went swimming — and I taught him so much. I stand in front of a picture of Mikelle and Logan and say, “Where’s mama?” and he looks right at the picture. SUCH a smart boy! And then I say, “Where’s Jesus?” and he turns around and looks right at the picture of the Savior on the opposite wall! I mean, how smart is that!?! Then I say, “Where’s the fan?” and he looks at the ceiling! One time I just said, “Where’s mama?” And he looked at the picture of Mikelle, then the picture of Jesus and then at the fan on the ceiling without me even asking the two other questions! Oh my heart!!!!!
  • I spent time at Scott’s [he sold his house!] and Tracy’s and I’m telling you, my life just feels a MAY zing [see!] right now. I am happy. I feel light and fluffy — all at once. I feel satisfied and content. I feel warm and cozy. I trust in the Lord.
  • I went for two long walks with Mikelle and really fell in love with walking again. It’s been a long time! I have lifted three days in a row. This morning will be four! I’m eating better.
  • The water is almost all gone from the basement. What a crazy nightmare. We’ve been in this house about 30 years and almost every summer we have water. Every year I re-hate the circumstances surrounding it — the guy who built it, the smell, the frustration of having important things getting ruined. The smell. Oh. Yah, that deserves two mentions. For sure. But almost gone. A lesson that bad times pass. And we survive.

Well, I thought the list would be longer. And a lot more amazing. But, just know, I feel pretty dang good and I’m excited for some reason. Maybe it’s just that I feel like blogging. After going nearly three weeks without any desire to put my thoughts down, it feels like I’m almost back to the ‘normal’ me.

  • I just remembered one more a MAY zing thing that happened . . . I met with the school board for a chat about the custodial/maintenance vacation policy and was fearful of getting our Spring break totally hacked. It would have basically resulted in a week without pay. But the whole thing backfired on the perpetrator [grrrr] of this injustice. The board was so supportive of us and, not only recommended we keep our Spring break with pay, but we also got back two other holidays they took away from us this past year when we changed to the four-day school week. Since we only have school Monday through Thursday, we have school on Presidents’ Day and MLK Day. But we got them both back with pay! I can’t tell you how re-affirming that was!!!! And several co-workers came and thanked me, personally, for my hard work and dedication to getting what’s fair for all of us.

And when I start to count my blessings or reflect on life-in-general, I feel so blessed and fortunate. I’m seeing a really healthy, positive and fulfilling trend heading my way.

And that’s [you guessed it!] Amazing Grace. Because, I thought for sure, this time, I was a goner.

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  1. Tami

    I’m so glad that your week was good! I kept checking in here to see if you had blogged yet… good to hear from you again! Love you!

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