I know. One post in fifteen days. [Remember just a couple of weeks ago when I couldn’t quit posting? I was doing two-a-days! (old football practice term) I felt so great about myself . . .] I don’t know what to say. I’m a mess. I guess this is just one of those pendulum swings to the far left and I’m hanging on for dear life until I get a little more centered on the back-swing.

I NEED TO EXERCISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I KNOW it will make me feel better. I KNOW it will get some endorphins going. I KNOW it would burn more calories. I KNOW it would tone all these huge rolls around my middle. I KNOW!

What I can’t figure out is how to get myself down on the floor to do even one single sit up or one piddly push up. I did mow today, but that was on a big ol’ John Deere, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t burn even one calorie. I did help Scott clean but I’m pretty sure I ate more calories than I burned. I did wash 8 batches of laundry at Tracy’s and kept the dishes done for two days, but again, the lemon bar, and eight slices of bread didn’t equal out the small about of work.

Awww, crap. Tomorrow is another day.

I really do know how it feels to feel like ginormous failure. But, dang it. I’m not going to fail. I’m going to get right back up and start this whole process AGAIN.

I remember how many, MANY times I have looked at someone addicted to porn or alcohol or nicotine or prescription drugs and I’ve yelled right into their faces, “Just Stop It!” [Well, not really into their faces. That was just the scenario going around in my little judgmental pea brain.]

So, someone tell me. Why can’t I stop this? This is riDICulous!

On a much lighter note: hubby loaded the dishwasher and actually started it. Oh, my goodness! Little teensy baby steps!