What a totally overwhelming, exhausting, and completely wonderful week! I’ve have Tracy and her family here and Alanna, Blythe’s dear friend. They came last Sunday to attend MAT [Music, Arts, and Technology] Camp over in Evanston and to see me, of course. Although seeing me didn’t really happen until yesterday and today.

I would leave at 4:45 in the morning for work and they got home anywhere from 6 to 9 p.m. each night. I did run over there a few nights to see performances and spend a little time with them. Such a proud Grommer going on here! They had flute and violin lessons, puppetry, choir, dance, flashmob, stage combat, science explosions, painting, composers at the zoo, silly songs, quilt making, musical theatre, mosaic art, and more. They have had the opportunity to be in many performances, receive expert mentoring, make tons of friends, and be surrounded by musicians and artists from all over the country. [I totally stole this entire paragraph from Tracy’s blog . . .]

Tracy and the little ones went to the park each afternoon and played while the ‘big girls’ attended more classes. Tracy met new friends and I noticed several of them commenting on her style of parenting and home school techniques. She, seriously, makes friends every single place she goes. After the several performances on Saturday night, so many people came to Tracy with huge hugs and promises to keep in touch and more promises to see her next year. She will, no doubt, be a full-fledged instructor next summer because they asked her to write a sample of a class she might be willing to teach and Tracy was able to come up with, oh, about ten of them, right on the spot.

Such an amazing woman, that girl.

Just for fun, we went to the parade on Saturday and sat in our regular spot in front of the Intermediate School. I don’t know why people sit on the other side with the sun shining right into their eyes. We’ve been sitting on the same corner for 25 years, I suppose! Next was the quilt show across the street at the local Lyman Ward. At noon the famous Pioneer BBQ was served at the park and we got to see so many old friends and neighbors. It was simply delightful to visit with dozens of people. The class of 1991 was having a reunion and Tracy visited with many of them, who graduated the year before she did.

I’m thinking of heaven, right now. Is that what it will be like? Seeing all our old friends and neighbors. Hugging. Catching up. Telling each other how great we all look?

Saturday afternoon we went to the school to search the lost and found for anything that might be useful, relevant, or perfect for camping. So many bags of clothing were removed from the building!!! Just that much less that I have to take to DI before Summer’s end! I wrote before that we had six 60-gal trash containers full of pants, shirts, coats, sweats, towels, shoes, hoodies and even a nice pair of Docker dress pants. I really don’t know what our students are thinking! How can they just leave their clothes in their lockers and go home for the summer? Well, we clean them out, wash all the clothes, go through them for anything we might want to keep and haul off the rest, summer after summer after summer! My kids have always had their choice of anything they want in the lost and found, and even, son-in-law, Richard has a few choice Lady Lyman Eagles Volleyball shirts that he wears occasionally while we’re camping.

Who wouldn’t want this lovely specimen?
Richard, I’m counting on you to take this off my hands!

Then off to the Ranch Rodeo. Apparently, Alana had not been to a rodeo. The children came home with squeals of delight and told this old Grommer about the rabbit chase, the goat-milking contest and the cowboys and all the fun things they saw until 10 pm that night. I had to put the finishing touches on my Sunday lesson and spent the evening at the high school making my visuals. Thank you very much.

Somewhere in between all the busy-ness and cleaning and traveling and learning, Tracy and I laughed our heads off; she had a clothes-changing moment at least twice, or was it tres? And I was able to hold that number down to just one. It’s so good to laugh hysterically, falling-on-the-floor laughing, belly laughing, laughing-until-we-cry-laughing! So, so good.

And, I feel full. Full of love and life and laughter and light.

I’m so glad to have spent a week with Mikelle and now this week with Tracy and her family.

I am so very blessed!

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