Dear Keziah:

I’m in a quandary. When you first had puppies, [and by ‘you’ I mean ‘ Sadie’] I wanted a puppy so bad. Mostly for hubby. That’s grandpa-hubbie to you. But then I keep thinking: I really don’t want a puppy. I want a grown up dog. I really don’t like puppies.

Oh, they are cute enough at age six-weeks. Actually the whole time from birth to about three months. But my goodness they start to become so mischievous. They start to poo everywhere. They chew on shoes and crafts and anything, really, left lying around.

And then there’s the whole thing about going out into the road and getting run over.

Three of our puppies have done that in recent years.

So I am just going to pay you $20 for a puppy to give to someone else who can’t afford one. That’s all I can think of to be fair to you since I know you have been saving the cute little black one with the brown face for us.

Love Grommer

PS: I will bring the money camping with us. [Just 6 more days!!!]

4 thoughts on “$20

  1. tracy

    Dear Grandma,

    I am going to go to Broulim’s today and try to sell puppies. I will try to sell yours. You don’t need to pay me $20. I hope he sells quickly to someone who will love him.

  2. weighingmatters Post author

    Ssoooo, what, are you serious? Don’t tell Leonard that! He really likes your dog!!!! We do have a big yard! Are you getting your dog fixed? Why don’t you just keep him here for a couple of years?

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