Wow! Through a series of unrelated, yet totally mind-boggling events, I’m feeling a tad bit amazed, dazed and crazed. Oh, I can also add glazed.

The plan was to spend a couple of days at Mikelle’s to love on East. That part totally happened. We bonded more than ever and he actually came to me from his mama’s arms several times. Before that, he always buried his little face into her breast and wouldn’t give up the mom for the grommer. But this weekend he actually held out his hands to me. LOVE that! We had a great time. Took a long walk, played volleyball, went to the park, cleaned, got a cut-n-color, dinner at the in-laws, fireworks, and finally, last, but not least, watched Mikelle crumble into a heap during a running serve in which she tore up her [good] knee. We finally got home at 2 am and she is now on crutches, has been to the emergency room and has a Tuesday appointment with a specialist.

Then I was going to head up to Tracy’s for three days. They have a great Fourth celebration, steeped in family traditions and have let me be a part of it for many years. I had yogurt for the kids — Tillimook — carrot juice for Tracy — Bolthouse –, her meds from Wayne, shoes for Blythe, a CD. I was actually on my way out of town driving toward Rigby when Mikelle called and said, “Call Dad. He’s really sick and has a lot of blood in his stool.”

What the Cow?

So, plans changed and I headed back to Lyman. I talked to him several times, called four hospitals on the way, talked to Tracy while she hurriedly researched all the things I relayed to her, made a decision to go back to the University of Utah Hospital and sat in the emergency room with hubby for nine hours. He was finally admitted to the hospital around ten that night and we had a fitful, rest-less night on equally uncomfortable beds. Sunday morning they informed hubby there was no way he would be going home. He had a huge infection in his colon and was also dehydrated.

I thought I might as well run home, for the day, clean up, eat, shower, get some things done. But on the way out of the hospital parking lot I thought, “I should just go to Tracy’s and drop off this medicine!” So that’s just what I did. I know. I know. I operate on the spur of the moment, often when I’m just leaving a parking lot or driveway. [I just did that a couple of weeks ago when I was leaving Scott’s house . . .]

I was able to spend some time with the grands — play puzzles, iPad, see the aDORable pups, watch their amazing performance at the Civic last evening, and cuddle with Fisher in his queen size bed. I got my laundry done. Got a hot shower and some good sleep.

This morning I called the hospital and they said with a little luck hubby might be released this afternoon if he can keep down a liquid breakfast and a soft lunch. So I’m heading back to SLC.

Thus, the amazed, dazed and crazed. Seems like I’ve put on about a thousand miles this week. But all for good reason. I went to the Holistic Conference, two trips to the airport, two trips to Logan, another trip to SLC and now one to Rigby and back to Salt Lake.

What’s a busy grommer to do?

It made it all worth it because on Tracy’s scale I’m 144. I really don’t care if it’s right. It feels good and I’m going with that! Yes, I would drive a thousand miles to weigh 144.


Which reminds me. Every time I read ‘sic.’ in a book, I think they are talking to me. And I wonder to myself, “What the cow! How did THEY know?”

4 thoughts on “sic.

  1. mikelle pitts

    Thanks for all you do mama! You are amazing and so giving and do so much for all of us! I was so happy you were here to sleep with me the night I hurt my knee! Thanks again for all you do! Easton wanted me to say hi!!!

  2. tracy

    Thank you so much for coming up here! We love having you in our home! I’m so glad you were able to see the children perform…especially Miss Annes.

  3. mikelle pitts

    Please crash it when ever you can! I love seeing you and so does Easton and Logan!!! Lots of times I don’t know what we would do with out you!!!

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