trading spaces

It’s 6 a.m. and I’m at Easton’s house. It’s the Fourth of July weekend and I’m ready to party.  parTAY! OK. Maybe not party, but I’m sure ready for something. Instead of taking Monday and Tuesday off this week, I worked so I could have five days off in a row. Thursday through Monday! yipPEE!

Scott and Andie were at my house on Tuesday and Wednesday. I picked them up from the airport Tuesday [don’t even get me started on the traffic and heat in Salt Lake!] and heard every last detail of their awesome Alaskan cruise. Andie is so adorable when she describes all her adventures. The previous Tuesday on the way to the airport she told me every last detail about her most recent EFY adventure at Provo. Oh my heck, to have that kind of enthusiasm and energy for life! She is so, so, incredibly fun and exuberant. And she has a special look’ for pretty much every single experience or emotion she’s feeling. I watched her in the rear-view mirror as she talked and it was like watching a seasoned actress. [Scott calls them face #7, face #13, etc.]

Anywho, somewhere along the way I decided to head to Logan for the long weekend. There’s a car show, chuck-wagon breakfast, parades and fireworks, swimming, shopping, volleyball, and of course, Easton. I’m pretty much addicted to him. Just ask my car . . . 3000 miles since May 13th!!!! Mikelle and Logan invited me to go camping with their family. Apparently, they have a cabin near Preston, but, feeling like the perpetual fifth-wheel, I’ve decided to go to Tracy’s on Saturday and spend a few days there, as well.

Richard called with their smorgasbord of events: swimming and fireworks and Rigby Lake, parades galore [my favorite is at Menan] the kids singing at a patriotic celebration, and all the usual Fourth stuff. I’ll have to miss those fireworks because I have to be at work 5 a.m. Tuesday morning to power-sand the gym floor, but it will be a great Freedom Day Celebration, even if I do have to leave a little early!

One interesting note in the ‘weight’ department. I’ve done nothing but gain weight [not that that‘s interesting!] Scott lost about 25 pounds! He ate so carefully and lifted till he was rock-hard! Mikelle has lost ten pounds. She was 141 yesterday! She’s been playing volleyball for three hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and she takes 2-3 mile walks a couple times a week. She eating so dang healthy. I’m so proud! Tami has lost 30 pounds!!!! Proud again! Tracy hasn’t told me she’s lost weight, but I saw her last week in SLC for the Holistic Conference and I totally noticed she’s lost, my estimate, ten pounds. All trimmed down from stress, I’m sure. And she is eating much healthier because of this whole dang cancer thing [don’t know exactly what to call it just yet . . .] Moi? Well, let’s just say I’m a total loser.

Mikelle said, “Wow, you and I have totally just traded places!” [meaning she lost ten pounds and I found them.]

I mean, seriously! How do people lose weight without a blog?