.•*¨*•fuh-resh •*¨*•.

Time for a fresh start. I’m actually ready. I’m so tired of feeling like I have been feeling. So today, August 21. 2011, I’m taking better care, more notice, time to ponder and time for things that are important to me and my health.

Just giving notice.

Hopefully, I’ll have something wonderful and positive to report in the next few weeks.

I can’t actually write down my weight today because I have literally eaten for a solid week since I got home last Sunday. And I refuse to move the little weights on the standing scale over past the 150 mark. And I’m really tired of it clanging when I step on the scale. Just know: it’s not a pretty picture.

Ya, I know! Ri DIC u lous!!!!!!

I came home from camping weighing 148. Not bad, really, after almost two weeks of eating on a picnic table, right? Then, I stuffed myself and took everything out on myself for the next seven days! What’s going on? I don’t really know, but I kept hoping I would hit rock bottom. Well, today I screamed: ENOUGH!!!!!!!! Loud enough to wake myself up!!!!

So, today I’ve had some healthy cereal, Kashi, and skim milk. And I had, oh, crap, I’m not going to tell you what else. It wasn’t too awfully bad, but it has saturated fat in it, and Tracy’s family has stopped eating them. So I’m not fessing up. [OK. Whatever — Triscuits!] Just know I have nothing in this house to eat and I really need to get to Wal-Mart.

Oh, wait. I’m going upstairs right now and making a smoothie. At least I have that.

Hubby just went shopping [Hello, today is Sunday] and I refuse to shop on the Sabbath, so it will have to wait until tomorrow after work, but I’m seriously hoping he didn’t buy a bunch of junk.

:: * # dum-de-dum # * ::

OK. I went upstairs and made my smoothie and while I was up there I took a peek at what hubby bought:

Lucky Charms
3 ice cream
Cocoa Puffs
Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies
Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake Rolls
Little Debbie Fudge Rounds
Fried Chicken from the deli
Or-ida onion rings
A gallon of chocolate milk
A strawberry pie
Tennessee Pride sausage [not tempted a bit by this!]
Two packages Nestles delux refrigerator toll house cookie

Seriously, I don’t stand a chance!

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