I’m getting to the point that it’s too much for me! I can’t keep track of anything and I’m getting discouraged. I have to call Trace pretty much every day or two and ask her to help me figure out my password and/or user name on eleven-teen different sites. Then, she figures it out, emails me, and I reset everything.

Problem is, I lose track of it and have to do it all over again.


I have approximately twenty-three different versions of the basically same password. And I can’t keep them straight.

I just this minute figured out that ‘cap locks’ is not the same as ‘shift.’ That’s what’s been the problem for the past month!

Wo, wo, wo is me!

One thought on “whoa

  1. Tracy Post author

    Yeah, I really need you to master the whole thing because I can’t keep all your passwords straight either. I did find out about a master password you can use on your mac and you just have to program all your other passwords into it and then you only have to to remember ONE password. I think we should look into it for you…it could be life changing! I’m sure it will be for me anyway!

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