I need to ride a bike. I mean really. I bought a bike a couple of years ago,


[This picture is at least four years old because I think Fisher looks 3 and now he’s 7!]

but I have a flat tire on the back and need to get it fixed. It’s not just flat, it’s also, like, broken, or something. It looks like it has deteriorated. The walls are kind of cracked. [I wonder what it would be like to have a hubby who would take a peek and fix it for me.]

This week I have started exercising. I work on the ball each morning and do 100 or so sit ups. [100 the first couple of days but only 70 yesterday and today.] I’ve been doing push ups and lifted 10-pounders today. I also started walking the 11 minutes from habitbreakers. But I am missing my bike.

I had gotten up to 152 the week after camping but little by little I got down to 147 yesterday morning [took me over two weeks!!!]  This morning I wasn’t 147! I had gone up but it wasn’t because of food. I think I didn’t drink enough water yesterday and I skipped my walk. I also worked way too long, 5 am to 9 pm. That always tends to make me hold on to water.

So dang it, the minute I feel like I’m on a roll, and the rolling stops, I feel grumpy and a little depressed. It’s hard to stay optimistic, and upbeat, when something that I was totally planning on, and looking forward to [146] didn’t happen.

OK. I’m heading out for a walk. I’ve eaten pretty healthy today. And I’m taking care of myself. So I need to see the results on the scale. [I’m pretty sure this is the very reason ‘experts’ tell us to not get hooked on weighing ourselves every single day [or eleven times a day, in my case . . .]

I’ve got company coming for the weekend and that’s always scary. Because we’ll have food in the house and I don’t do well with food.