little bit suspect

Um, I’m not sure which one[s] I am, but I’m sure I’m in there! And, I’m just as sure that I’ve got a few friends in there, too!

I listened with fascination when The TODAY show said that 85% of woman have at least one toxic relationship! Hello! Um, Yah! And 33% of them said that their BFF was toxic. Seriously? How can that be? Who keeps a best friend that’s one of those five listed up there? I can see a friend, but not a bestee! They admitted they stayed in those relationships because ‘it’s hard to break up.’

[OK. Wait. On second thought, I can see just where I am on the list. It took me a minute or two to recognize myself but I can see it pretty clearly now. Not the point, though.]

What I’m not is the Chronic Downer! I love being up. I love starting each new day all over again. I like laughing and making dumb faces and trying to make other people laugh. I’ve always felt like the class clown, like it was my job, my duty, really, to make people not take themselves quite so seriously! I’m always trying to think of something that would interject a little chuckle into the conversation.

I think I get that from Scott. He is a regular Jerry Seinfeld. A regular Patrick McManus! He makes me wet myself on a regular basis. I just know how good it feels to ROTFLMHO [I never in a million years thought I’d every use that in a post . . .]

I do work with someone who is the Chronic Downer, though. Every dang day she comes in and you say hello and she sighs and grunts and tells you she has a headache or a back ache or everything is all wrong at home or her kids are driving her nuts or taking advantage or she is tired already or she hates her hours or her area . . . She’s like this emotional wet blanket. She isn’t  just a pill; she’s a suppository. You could practically hear the Debbie Downer Music. And the thing is, she’s really a very lovely and likable woman, other than all that.

I have no personal reason to post about this and anyone who thinks the timing is a little bit suspect is, just, well, totally wrong. So don’t get all paranoid or anything.

Now, you have a nice day!