no strep

OK. So, no strep. I’ll just keep using the grapefruit seed extract, the eucalyptus rub, the peppermint, the Colloidal, and zinc. And I should be as good as new by the time we go camping on Thursday . . .

In the meantime, as long as I’m home for the day, I’m doing all my laundry, packing all non-food items, filling up with gas, checking tires — all that sort of thing.

And, I’m looking for my favorite bag of bungies. I have a hundred of them here somewhere. Anybody that knows me at all, knows how much I love a large assortment of bungie cords. And duct tape. You really can’t camp without those two things!

And where the heck are the Rook cards? I know I have half a dozen of those around here.

3 thoughts on “no strep

  1. tracy

    I hope you feel better soon! the bungies were against the wall on the shelves the other day. I got the rope out of that bag. Don’t know about the Rook cards and I really don’t know about the 10 x 10…it MUST be at your house!

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