My weight.

Still not ready to talk about it yet. I’m going to get there, don’t you worry. I had about thirty-sixty-two ah-hah moments in the last couple of days and someday I’ll share those but for now, I’m a little overwhelmed with these ten pounds. They feel [and look] like twenty because I haven’t exercised for a decade and a half and I’m paying a heavy [oh, look at the pun, there!] price.

I keep thinking it’s all going to come together.

“If you feel yourself floundering in the sea of life, try leaning back and floating. Let yourself be supported. Gaze into the beautiful sky and allow time for your spirit to be refreshed. Then when you are feeling stronger, simply choose a direction and start swimming.”

I might be doggy paddling right now, but I’m on the verge of a power stroke. Let’s just say the free style is the next event.