never say never, but i’m serious this time!

I’m just going to say. I finally weight 146.

Ugh!!! I will never eat another piece of junk! I will never eat anything from off the top of the fridge. I will not eat the Oreo cookies that I found in the trunk, left over from the day we went cliff jumping at the Gorge. [Why did I even buy them? Oh, I remember, I thought Logan, Scott and Caleb would like them! I forgot to even give them to those guys and now I have to deal with them!]

I will not eat ten granola bars when one will curb my appetite.

I will not eat two gallons of old crusty freezer-burned ice cream just because it was left at the school last Spring and needed to be thrown out when we defrosted the custodial fridge.

I will not eat a half dozen chocolate chip cookies just because the new Home Ec teacher made extra and wanted to share them with me.

I will not eat a Super size Snicker just because the book-keeper next to me during an all day volleyball tourny has an extra and wants to keep me awake.

I will not sneak hunks of cheddar cheese into bed at night to eat while I play games on the iPad.

I will not steal handfuls of yummy [unhealthy] snacks from Mrs. Kennedy just because she has cases and cases of them in her office and I have to walk past it every single day when I go do the school laundry.

I will not eat school lunch. Ugh!!!

I will hold on to 146 until I get to 145.

*sigh* Will I ever see 141 again?

3 thoughts on “never say never, but i’m serious this time!

  1. weighingmatters Post author

    I’ve had that today. Now I’m thinking about something dark brown and minty. But I’m heading to bed so it won’t get to me quite so much . . . [Mikelle weighs 135!]

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