a good week

I keep leaving blogging til last. Can you tell? I’ve been working on my lesson all week — yes all week long, Oh. Plus the hours at work. Killing!

First, I worked my regular 40 hours, which really turned into 42. I also drove bus three times this week for a total of 6 more hours and I did volleyball for 2.5 hours on Thursday, football for 2.5 hours on Friday and a frosh volleyball tournament from 8 to 5:30 yesterday. You can see that’s over 65 hours right there.

Now, the big problem! Season Premier week!

Oh, my goodness, there are so many new murder/detective/police/doctor/lawyer shows on. I recorded them all so that I could watch them sometime to ‘see’ if I wanted to invest time in their story line. I also watched Dr. Oz a couple of times and I scan through the Today show every single day for headlines, the markets, and top stories.

And The General Relief Society meeting last night. So, so good!!!

So, blogging has gone by the way-side.

I also spend whatever time it takes to stay up on Miss Tracy’s blog, usually Miss Jessica’s blog and at the end of the week — if I find the time — I catch up on Nienie and Cjane. Then I try to work in dishes, laundry [all caught up at the moment] my bedroom and bathroom and the living room.

I’m not sure how your day goes, but mine is full of stuff. Oh. Another thought just popped in. I also do all of the hubz bills, Stephen’s bills and mine. Everyone of those are paid ahead of time.

I, seriously, just this morning, finished cleaning out my car from when I came home from camping — let’s see — the 15th of August — so 42 days ago. I’m a slouch!

And facebook. Ouch. Now there’s a time guzzler. But I did get to see the fabulous Miss Camille on there with her new do. Is she gorgeous or what?

Her new cut and color. Look at those eyebrows! Gorgeous!

Time for a shower, the finishing touches on the lesson, [my display and visuals] finding something to wear, hair and makeup and getting to church by 9. Good thing I woke up at 6. Got a full 7 hours last night and I feel on top of the world.I can accomplish anything today!

4 thoughts on “a good week

  1. weighingmatters

    Lesson went really well. I am happy and satisfied with it. Stephen has stretched ligaments and is in a gel cast. He is heading to work right now. MANY hours. It’s Homecoming week. Should we get a hotel?

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