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I feel completely full. Totally and complete satiated! Oh. Wait. You probably think I’ve been sitting on the couch for the last three hours eating everything in sight. You probably think I’ve given up my determination and commitment to eat healthy for 21 days! Wrong on both counts! I am completely full — emotionally, physically, […] Read the Rest…



I’ve been trying to think of cute [and inexpensive] things for Mikelle’s Super Saturday and I’ve foolishly bought many, many unfinished wooden crafts in anticipation that the ladies on her Enrichment Board would love the same things I love. So I’ve got, like, 20 of these kits that probably aren’t going to make the cut. […] Read the Rest…


bob & lee

I had such a fun experience the other day. A tender mercy — although I think that phrase has been so overused since Elder Bednar first used it in April, 2005. I’m not sure this was mercy, but it was a very tender moment for me. I was on my way to pick up Stephen’s […] Read the Rest…