ca ca ca ching!

OK. Tracy is begging for more. She said, just write down what you eat and drink. OK, no. No, thank you on that one, Trace!


I’m going to write about the $47 snowman.

Mikelle and I went to Wood Creations on Friday to find something for her Super Saturday. She has a budget of $200 for the whole day so we were looking for something cheap, easy and cheap. Oh, yah, I already mentioned that. I am doing a couple of crafts for Tracy’s Maggie Day but those, evidently, didn’t catch Mikelle’s eye.

She saw a snowman for $4.95 but they had to be bought as a kit, ordered in advance for large quantities, and the shelf was completely empty. After about an hour, she somehow put her hand out and came up with a $1.95 block of wood the exact same size as the block in the snowman kit. Don’t ask me how that happens. I believe she was just leaning on the shelf for a moment and felt the wood in her hand. Tracy has that gift, as well. Anyhoo, we [and by ‘we,’ I mean ‘I’ . . .] bought a couple of blocks and thought we’d give it a try. I also bought $80 of other crafts I do not need or have time for. This after spending $40 at the Wood Creation in Ogden [not to be confused with Wood Connection in SLC.]

So, our plan was to just get some little embellishments for the snowman  — an evergreen branch with a pine cone on it, a bell, ribbon. A big ruler or something for the brim of the hat. Well, I’m here to tell you, I spent $47 at JoAnn’s on three different colors of orange paint for the nose, white and light ivory paint for the face, black for the hat, snaps for eyes, little gems for the mouth, a sprig of red berries for a splash of color and of course the evergreen which was 30% off!

Every little thing adds up. Mikelle and I gasped quite audibly at the checkout, while cursing ourselves for not having the coupon sheet that we got just the week before, stating that all of the above could have been purchased for half that much!

I went to Home Depot and got the big 5-gal paint sticks that would work well for the brim and to cut a long carrot nose from. That was free, but I only got two and need at least 20 more. And, last night I started on the little project so I could get a picture to Mikelle for her Enrichment calling. The thing that really killed me, as in stuck-a-pointed-paint-stick-right-through my-little-clutch-purse, was that when I went down to my craft area I found I already had evergreen branches, three orange paints, lots of black, white and ivory, as well, many red Christmasy berries. I already had black snaps for snowman eyes. The only thing I really needed was the little black gems which would have cost less at WM. And, notice, I didn’t even use them on the snowman. I think he looks better without a mouth.

Story of my life.

But, hey, I’ve got a year’s supply of crafts in case the world comes to an end. Or, when I need to do a craft next year.

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  1. mikelle pitts

    He Is SO amazing! Good Job ma! I hope I win that door prize! (:
    I can’t believe you already had all that stuff! Seriously! Well… actually I can…

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