early to bed, early to [post] rise

Woke up at 5:30 and the house is quiet. I’m in Mikells’s guest room and I can hear her breathing in the next bedroom. I hope she sleeps in ’til 10:00. She was up the night before with Tracy and her family — haircuts all around — and then we had a full day in Salt Lake and Ogden.

Yesterday morning I got up at 4:30 to get everything ready to head to Utah for a couple of days. Lots going on this weekend. It’s no wonder I’m yawning by noon!

Josh, Carol and Mike’s Josh, is married! What a wonderful day. I was seated in the Sealing Room in the Bountiful Temple just where I could see Josh’s face during the entire ceremony. I could see Mike’s and Carol’s faces, too. Carol cried a little and smiled a lot, but Mike nodded continuously as the sealer spoke to them as if to say, “Absolutely! Yes! This is the right thing! This is God’s Love!” It was a beautiful moment in time. I was so content being there with my family, my two wonderful daughters, sisters all around, and witnessing God’s plan for us. Ashlee was beautiful. The words were so pertinent. I  always love to hear the advice from the men called to do God’s work. Wise beyond their years. Oh, wait. Most of them are pretty advanced in age, but they are still wise beyond most.

It was so fun to see Annesley in the temple waiting room. She was helping Kez take care of Easton while we were up in the sealing room. Annesley is adorable and I want to take her home with me for a week. She did get to ride with me. So adorable and such a lovely singing voice. I told Mikelle, “This is the difference between having TV and not having TV. She can totally entertain herself [and us!] for hours, just singing every song she’s ever sung.” And, conversation with her is priceless. I love that munchkin!

Then, off to Wood Connection for a ton of wood and to pick up all of the projects for Make it for Maggie. We actually had to bring a second car in to load up the stash. One car wasn’t enough! But I’m set for at least a couple of years of painting wood and giving gifts!

Next, we ran to Poppy Seed to see what they had. Closed! They loose!

Back to Ogden for a lovely dinner at the Guymon’s ward. I love being able to sit and talk and visit and eat. Each one of those is wonderful all by itself, but together, it’s h.e.a.v.e.n! Easton had a blast with second-cousin Spencer. I predict they will be good friends. I loved seeing my sisters and catching up. Amy and Becca were delightful and I enjoyed seeing each of them. Mikelle kept nudging me and saying Becca is pregnant. And sure enough. A little one will be here in May.

Then, Quilted Bear. Bought nothing! Oh, wait. A little hair thing that looks adorable on Keziah.


By this time, Easton [a one-year-old] and Mikelle were about done-in and we still had two hours before the reception. In a hasty decision we decided to just drive home. We were all bushed and Mikelle was worried about having such a ‘trashed’ house after having three extra people the night before.  She also did three cuts and a color. [Believe me, it wasn’t trashed! She keeps a pretty spotless home. And by ‘pretty’ I mean ‘totally’!]

Mikelle cleaned and Easton and I played on the living room floor while Mikelle cleaned the upstairs, then went to the park while she cleaned the downstairs. I only lasted until 8 pm and went to bed. Early to bed, early to rise. All these years. And I do feel wise!

Great day!

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