I’ve been trying to think of cute [and inexpensive] things for Mikelle’s Super Saturday and I’ve foolishly bought many, many unfinished wooden crafts in anticipation that the ladies on her Enrichment Board would love the same things I love. So I’ve got, like, 20 of these kits that probably aren’t going to make the cut. Uggh!

I adore this!

And this. It’s says it all. “Simplicity in Adorableness!” Oh, yes that is a word!
Never doubt that adorableness is a word. And so is preciousness!

This is the third snowman, not to be confused with these two.
They’re much shorter and don’t have a neck for extra buttons or a felt tie.
And, by the way, the ‘savior’ word up there
shouldn’t be confused with this earlier rendition.

Kind of  ‘special’ how the camera flash is directly above the star.
[Sorry, I should have edited that out.]

I can’t decide which version to keep for myself. The other one will go for a door prize at Make it for Maggie or perhaps a Christmas gift to whichever one of my siblings I have this year. Sometimes, I feel sorry for the people I have to give gifts to, because most of the time they are going to get something I’ve made. Once in a while it turns out perfect. I just got a note from Avis Fossett that Emily, her second daughter who got married last year, still has the L-O-V-E letters that I made for her, right in the center of their  living room. And yesterday a substitute teacher, Sommer Walker Tyvsar, mentioned that she still has an angel she bought at one of my craft fairs 15 years ago. You can’t even know how good that made me feel. Once in a while I will go into someone’s home, say for visiting teaching, and there will be something I made on their wall. I’ll say, “Oh that looks familiar,” and they say, “Yah, my sister gave that to me a few years ago.”

Making crafts, for me, is kind of like giving birth. Kind of. Wait. The next part won’t make sense if I stick with that analogy. But, it is wonderful to make something that someone else likes enough to pay their hard-earned money for and keep in their home for 15 years.

Back to work. I’ve got a couple more things I need to finish up.

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  1. Tami

    Thanks so much! Maybe I’ll see you later this month. We are going through (East on I-80) the Sunday after Thanksgiving… but maybe you will be up at Tracy’s? Well, we can work it out. I can send you a check and you could ship it too. Let me know what will work! Glad you had such a great time at MIFM!

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