I feel completely full. Totally and complete satiated!

Oh. Wait. You probably think I’ve been sitting on the couch for the last three hours eating everything in sight. You probably think I’ve given up my determination and commitment to eat healthy for 21 days!

Wrong on both counts!

I am completely full — emotionally, physically, and spiritually. And here’s why .  .

I am full emotionally because I spent the last three days at Tracy’s home with her darling little family and Mikelle and Easton. We participated in the Make it For Maggie Super Saturday Extraordinaire, conceived and co-chaired by Miss Katherine Jensen and my Tracy. This was the second annual event in which, together, they envisioned a community-wide event that would bless the lives of many families. They ended up creating a day of classes on a wide variety of topics and by charging a small fee to attend, they raised $3000! This also included some generous donations.

They say:

“We believe in building strong families and helping them be functional, fun, and foundational units of society. We believe Make It For Maggie is one piece of the building-strong-families- puzzle. Our classes bless the lives of our participants by teaching new skills and knowledge, bringing people together in friendship and love, and actively working to build a community of people who care. Our fundraising efforts will bless the lives of Maggie’s family each year, but they will also bless a new family each year. One family at a time, we will make a difference in this world.”

I feel quenched physically because I am on Day 14 of a wonderful purification and cleanse. I’m feeling healthier, refreshed, replenished, rejuvenated! It’s not the kind of thing that happens before you have a colonoscopy where, for example, you sit on the toi-toi for hours on end. Far from it! I am infusing my body with very bio-available whole foods, mostly veggies, and nutrients galore and I secretly cheer every time a bowl of micro-nutrient food is ready for consumption. I’m giving myself the gift of a much needed break from garbage, contaminants, nutritionally-depleted foods, chemicals, sugars, additives, and preservatives! Who wouldn’t feel better ?!?

Spiritually, I’m still on a high from this morning’s Stake Conference in Tracy’s Rigby 58th Ward. Actually, the East Rigby Stake. Oh, my Good Goodness. I don’t think I’ve ever said that before!!! What a wonderful experience. The music was beautiful and stirring. Blythe sang in the choir. There were many speakers but one brother was invited to share his testimony and my soul burned with a volume of truth I haven’t felt lately. He spoke of the Atonement with such conviction and knowledge and faith that I was not left unbelieving. Or untouched. I would love to sit in on another session of his firm witness.

Today, I’m grateful for this feeling of balance and love and health and faith. I’m grateful for my family and the blessings that come to me through them. I’m grateful for adorable, talented and loving grandchildren that warm my heart. And I’m grateful for a medium in which I can process my thoughts and feelings, positive and negative, in order to see more clearly the Lord’s hand in my life.

Thank you, God, for all that’s good!

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  1. tracy

    Thank you SO much for coming! You were a huge help and your donations were wonderful! Thank you for being such a huge supporter of my dreams. I love you mama!

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