ode to dad

Stephen: I know dad’s not perfect and you get frustrated with him a lot, but he’s been a good dad! He’s been here for me my whole life. Me and Kelle. I know he hasn’t taken care of himself, and he has some problems and he takes a lot of pain medicine, but he has taken me hunting and fishing and camping since I barely learned to walk. And I can talk to him about anything. He’s taught me about trucks and fixing things. He might not be book-smart but I don’t know anyone who can figure things out like he can. When we’re building something, he studies it out and comes up with the exact way to do it. He’s got the whole thing in his mind. And it just unfolds. I know kids my age who hate their dads and never want to speak to them or see them. They hate them!

Me: Like who?

Him: Like Rusty, and

Me: Yah, I can see that.

Me: I know. He’s been such a good dad to you guys. I’ve always known that. I say it myself all the time.  We don’t have the best marriage, but I know he’s been the best dad!

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