Monthly Archives: November 2011


problem solved!

I have a problem. “What’s that?” you say? Only one? Seriously? Yes I have a variety of problems but I’m only going to post about one single individual situation for today. I’ve had to deal with this predicament for years. Years! But I’m here to brag tell you that I’ve finally conquered it. Big time. […] Read the Rest…


snap cackle plop

I’ve been doing some thinking. And, then something I read on facebook really struck a chord. The two thought have melded into one and I’m about to put it to paper — so to speak. Someone posted, “It’s a self-refilling prophecy” on facebook. [Actually, I think it was one of our relatives, Tracy Welker, if […] Read the Rest…


in love

I am in love. I mean really, really in love. With something. Not someone. Wait. I’m in love with me for buying something. Can you guess? No, of course you can’t because I have never even once mentioned it on here. So I’m just going to tell you. [Both my girls know I have been […] Read the Rest…