5 cents + 5 cents + 5 cents =

I just got home from Mikelle’s. I went there on Thursday after work so I would miss the huge 8-inches-of-snow-snowstorm that was in the forecast all week. I could have waited until Friday morning but didn’t want to take a chance.

Can you spell d.i.a.r.r.h.e.a?

Yes. I woke up last night with severe cramping, intestinal gurgling, vomit approaching the throat area and gaseous odors in my bed. If you guess I over-ate and ate all the wrong things, you’d be guessing right. Mikelle made her yummy delicious dangerous pumpkin bars and I had four of them. Oh, wait. You might think they were normal size bars. Oh. No. They were, like 3 x 5 inches!!! Yukkkkkk! Four of those. She also made pumpkin chocolate chip cookie bars with the rest of the canned pumpkin. Oh, my heck! I had 6 of those. I’m hating everything about myself right this very moment.

I went to Logan to attend and help with her Super Saturday. I wasn’t much help because it was so well planned and ran so smoothly that I was basically a fifth wheel. But they had a luncheon and I did partake!!!! [Yes, I’m, once again, over punctuating to try to make my dismal point!!!!] Double Yukkkkkk! I ate two kinds of soup. Not bad really, but one was creamed with cream cheese — a white chili of sorts. The other one had  ground beef in it and I haven’t had ground beef for over a month! I also had chips, bread and a gilada. Yup, I snuck out and ordered — what else? Since I was on a gigantic eating spree — large lemon! Yukkkkk.

Now, I’m sure, comes the punishing — the feeling-like-a-failure part of the cycle.

Gotta get my act together and get ready for the next assault to my digestive track. [Thanksgiving.]

Why can’t I just hold it together and treat myself like I like me. Like I care about what goes into my mouth. Like the healthy way I want to live my life?


If I had a nickel for every sigh I’ve sighed over the last two and a half years!

2 thoughts on “5 cents + 5 cents + 5 cents =

  1. tracy

    I wish you could not beat yourself up over it and just enjoy the deliciousness of it. Eat healthy choices most of the time and leave room for indulgences…is that a possibility for you?

    Love you!

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