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Um, been there . . . retained that!

I thought Dr. Oz was close to fascinating the other day. He was explaining the difference between how to lose butt fat and belly fat. He says the key to losing weight is targeting the specific kind of body fat you I have. It’s the science of body shape. I know it doesn’t help to overexercise those areas, [I’ve heard that for the past umpteen years! I could do a guhtrillion crunches and still have belly fat!] but, the KIND of fat that is stored in a certain part of the body, reacts differently to specific foods.

Isn’t that fascinating???? Maybe that’s why I do so much better on certain kinds of eating plans than others.

So, I have a big belly. My behind is nothing, really. When I’m in my weight zone, I’ve got nothing back there. Yay. But, my tummy is a different story! Sooo troublesome, especially the older I get. And it seems, if I put on ten pounds, it is all right there, front and center! Ugh.

Big butters have subcutaneous fat. It’s a healthier type of fat than belly fat — this kind of fat doesn’t kill you. Big butt fat isn’t usually associated with heart attacks. Unfortunately, it’s a much harder kind of fat to get rid of. It’s the fat below the skin that doesn’t have any blood vessels in it and because there’s no blood, it’s a lot harder to get things to burn off there.

The key for big butters is to eat a low-fat diet. Cut out all saturated fats — fats that come from animals with four legs! The second big thing: include low-fat dairy in every single meal. 2% is fine! Calcium in dairy seems to help with weight loss. Low-fat yogurt with granola and fruit for breakfast; low-fat cottage cheese and lean meat for lunch. Lean turkey burger, perhaps one whole-wheat slice of bread for dinner and 2% milk. Yes, It’s OK to have a little bit of healthy bread if you’re a big butter.

The difference between big bottom and big belly is carbohydrates. Big bottom can get away with a little bit of carbs.

Dr. Oz says I should be eating completely different than that!

Big bellies are about stress! Big bellies are about doing things for everyone else and leaving ourselves until last. Big bellies are about having the fat in our bellies traveling straight to our organs, thus: heart attacks!

Good news: It’s much easier to get rid of than butt fat.

Bad news: belly fat is linked to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and it closes down metabolism. It is linked to stress hormones. So if you’re stressed, hormones kick in and all that food is turned to fat right around the middle. [It has to do with saving fat for the difficult times, depressions, flight/flight moments, etc.]

I should be replacing all simple carbohydrates with barley, buckwheat and muesli. I should also use healthy anti-inflammatory fats like those found in avocados, sea bass, salmon and olive oil. A good lunch would be Ezekiel bread, covered with avocado, sprinkled with olive oil and lemon/chili flakes.

He insists we must all make food agree with our temperament!

Well, I’m not in a place where I can eat what he recommended, just yet. I’m still on Day 17 of my 21-day project, but when I’m done, I plan to slowly introduce food back into the ol’ eating plan. And I’m, for sure, going to heed what he said about my body needing specific kinds of food to ward of all that dang BF.

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  1. Tami

    Thanks for all that great info! I’m definitely a big butter! Maybe this is why when I do Atkins, it just doesn’t cut it for me. Thanks for putting that all out there for me.

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