brain dysfunction

So, I’m sitting in the school Suburban, engine running, waiting for it to warm up and I glance in my rear-view mirror and notice a sticker on the back window. I’m thinking, Gee, who would put a sticker on the school Suburban? I begin to read it backwards, right to left. E-T-A-T-S-A-N-A-T-N-O-M. Hmm. Montana State. Oh, it must have been Clair. He lived in Montana. Odd that I’ve never noticed it before!

Next sticker.


OH! Wait! It must have been Mr. Limoges. He has one daughter at Bozeman and one at Palo Alto. Oh. OK. He, being the principal and all, can probably decide to put some stickers on the school vehicles. I guess.

At that very moment I realized I was nose to nose with his vehicle, [same exact color and shape of my vehicle] and was actually reading his back window which had the stickers on, not looking into my rear view mirror.

Ummm. My very poor old brain!

[Honk if this made you smile. It makes me laugh out loud every time I think about it!]


5 thoughts on “brain dysfunction

  1. Tami

    Totally laughing here! Hope you guys all have a great time in Logan. I want to see everyone when I go through Roy on Saturday. Will you guys be around?

  2. Tami

    Dang it! I think I got on here the day before we left and then had so much fun that I didn’t get on again till we got home. Well, this morning. We got home late last night. We ended up blowing ANOTHER tire on the trailer on the way up through Orem. Didn’t get to my parent’s house until about 10:30pm and then out the next morning after church to come home. I am planning on being there around Christmas time. I’m trying to work out when I can just come up to you since it’s hard to get time to have you come down! Let me know what your plans are right before and the week after Christmas. (Haven’t decided if we will go early and come back on the 30th, or leave here on the 26th and back on the 1st.) John accepted the Aus job today.

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