I have loved having Mikelle and big guy, Easton, here for a couple of days.

For a couple of reasons. First of all, I adore both of them. It is so fun to have a grown-up relationship with this daughter who gave me so much trouble and heart-ache as a teen. Oh, my gosh, I don’t even want to think about it. She could have easily gone the other direction. Now she is securely tucked in in the gospel and attending the temple. She is securely tucked in with good friends in her ward, a calling, and a knowledge that she’s heading in the right direction. Tracy has been so instrumental in being a wonderful example and it tickles me to see her glean her own philosophy of motherhood from Tracy’s life.

Second, she cleaned my house. I mean really, really cleaned it. She got here around 5 p.m. on Tuesday and by 5:30 she was cleaning to the tune of about three hours. Wednesday she got up and started at 7 a.m. and worked several more hours. Wow! It’s like Christmas, only better! I have clean baseboards, windowsills, a clean toilet, sink and tub. She cleaned off all my cabinets and scrubbed them, the stove and fridge. She dusted all my crafts and shelves and bookcases and piano. She detailed hubby’s bedroom and tackled his bedding. We washed all the throw rugs in the living room and kitchen and she vacuumed the stairs and floors on her hands and knees with the deeper-sucking stair attachment.

Logan has been working in SLC this week and attending his classes in Ogden at Weber. They decided it would be better for him to stay in SLC instead of all the travel — which is why she came to visit in the first place. She also did a couple of hair cuts, worked out at the gym for her physical therapy and went to a play date with Lyndee and 12 little toddlers.

She’s heading back to Logan today. *s.i.g.h*

There were times I didn’t know if I could/would survive my early years with kids and stress and tantrums and curfews, but I have to say that it has all been worth it from this vantage point. I thoroughly enjoy my relationships with my grown children and adore each of my grandchildren individually.

2 thoughts on “c.l.e.a.n

  1. tracy

    So fun!!!! I need a cleaning fairy…a really magical one that declutters, organizes, cleans, and does it all without judgment or anger.

    Don’t think it exists, so I guess it is up to me!

  2. Mom

    She might be your girl! I didn’t feel like she was judgmental or angry, and she’s fast!!!! Yes I have been relegated to the basement! But that’s just a small detail!

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